40th Post Graduate Course &
54th Annual Meeting

of the European Society of Paediatric Radiology (ESPR)
18–22 June 2018, Berlin/Germany
Conference chair: Prof. Dr. Franz Wolfgang Hirsch

Thank you!

Prof. Dr. Franz Wolfgang Hirsch

Dear Paediatric Radiologists, 
Dear friends of the European Paediatric Radiology Society,

Thank you for coming and participating on the 40th Post Graduate Course and the 54th Annual Meeting of the ESPR in Berlin 2018. We are more than happy that this conference exceeded our expectations in all respects. More than 930 active participants from 64 countries took part; including the representatives of the industry, we had more than 1000 participants.    

We say thank you to all attendees for their personal presence!
We say thank you to all keynote speakers, presenters and moderators, who made an excellent work!

We say thank you to our brilliant organising team from Conventus, who made a professional support!

If you want to visit the upcoming ESPR 2019 in Helsinki, please click on the link below:

Kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Franz Wolfgang Hirsch
Congress chair of ESPR 2018 and the organising committee